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Back seat anal for curvy lass



Back seat anal for curvy lass

Description: I picked up a northern lass today, who picked up my accent and recognised it from some of my online porno vids. I didn’t let on for a while just incase she was the old bill or something. Once I realised she was nowt to do with the force I fessed up. Lucky I did because I found out she was well up for some back seat fun. So I found a quiet spot and hopped in the back. After wrestling her jacket off, due to her zip being completely jammed, I set about getting her bouncy great tits out. I could tell this was turning her right on, so I stepped it up a notch. From here I got the cab really rocking, fingering and fucking her all over it. Whilst she was bent through the slut hatch I tested the water and delved into her arse. This was greatly received, so I banged away at her arse until she nearly made me shoot my load. Afterwards she confessed that she had been actively seeking me out, hoping to come across me. Well love, I’m glad you did, because I love a good filthy fucking in the back of my cab. Cheers.

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Artist: Laura Lu