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Zoya Glotka. A virgin sexoholic.
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My story is not a very happy one. I was born in a suburb near St. Petersburg. My father had passed away when I was six years old and it was my mother who brought me and my brother up. She worked as a cleaning lady in the school we studied in. She would leave home while it was still dark and I would fix breakfast for my brother and myself and then help him dress for school. At school, we hardly looked at each other. Maybe because she had to work hard, my mother was always in a bad mood and never had time. There were a few uncles who used to come over and take her out for dinner and movies. Our routine was fixed. By 7.30, dinner was over and we would be in bed. Someone would knock on the door and I would hear voices. We just had two room s in our home apart from the kitchen and bathroom. A bedroom shared by the three of us and a living room. Sometimes my mother would go out for a movie with the uncle who came. She would lock the door behind her and I wouldn’t even know when she came back in. At other times, they would be in the living room. There are many times when I saw my mother in a flimsy short night dress, making a drink for the visiting uncle. She would sit next to him and then his had would move up her thigh and then she would shut the door. Once when I was around 9, she caught me peeping and boxed my ears hard. That was her life, I had my own.
My best friend and I touched each other for the first time in the shower at school after gymnastics. She was as bad or good as I was. We were not yet in our teens then. She did not remove her eyes from my face as she pushed herself to me and we lathered ourselves with soap and made each other wet everywhere. I used to masturbate at least twice a day and now Josephine joined me. We would often skip school for this. She would pinch my labia and rub her fingers over my virgin clit till I was moaning. As I arched my back, she would insert her fingers into me and keep vibrating till I came.
Once, Josephine managed to get a big dildo from somewhere. We bunked school and sneaked back to our house. Josephine had a porn movie on her phone which she put on. We quickly stripped as we had the house to ourselves and while watching it, we tried the dildo on each other. I made her lay straight down and then opened her legs wide. As the dildo started, Josephine got very excited but I held her down and after playing around her pussy for some time, made her turn around and inserted it into her ass, vibrating all the time. Grabbing her tits, I squeezed them till she came. I was licking the dildo and pretending it was a cock when my mother suddenly came in and then it was a catastrophe! Josephine was chased out and my hair was roughly cut as short as she could. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as my hair fell around me. Kids teased me every day for months because of my hair! And I hated my mother! I hated her!
As soon as I was 16 and I passed High School, I ran off from home. I did not know what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to be on my own, doing my own things. I joined a beautician who paid me to work as an apprentice while teaching me so many things about massage, facials, and so on. Josephine’s cousin was studying in the University and I stayed with her in her accommodation. I fantasized about a man I saw once in the porn movies we saw…a man with a huge cock that I imagined inside me. I applied to defloration.com for this reason only. I love the erotica…I want to get more involved in it. As I am still a virgin and no me has touched me, I went in for the solo shoot… it was a fantastic experience! I loved to see how I made the photographer hard!! I can do more and have spoken to the producer… Watch out for me!