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Zhopka Sladkaya – Hardcore Defloration



Zhopka Sladkaya – Hardcore Defloration


It was a cold day when I met Alexandre a week ago and it was the day my life changed. I was waiting the tables at a restaurant when this tall, blond man walked in. He kept looking me over and finally when he left, he handed me a hefty tip and a card. My winning ticket!

Oh! By the way, I am Zopka, an 18-year-old virgin . I am originally from a village near Moscow but I shifted to the big city after school to make something of my life. I was an orphan, having lost my parents at an early age. I grew up in an orphanage and then was sent to a foster home with 8 children in a village outside Moscow. I was sent to school and taken well care of but there was always the longing for love in me.

I learned to love myself at an early age. Many children in our orphanage had a physical intimacy with each other. As my body started developing, it ached for something that I did not know. My teenage boobs yearned for someone to squeeze them…or bite them. But then I did not know. My virgin teenage pussy wanted to be touched. It was another cold day like the one in which I met Alexandre that I discovered my body. We were all huddled down in our cots at night. The heater had broken down and our supervisor asked us all to sleep near each other to keep warm. I had pretty Polina next to me and we hugged each other in the cold.

Lights were switched off and suddenly I could feel Polina’s knee gently pushing my thighs apart. Her cold hands sliped up from under my frock to get some warmth. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath to cover my tiny teenage tits. As her fingers crept up and brushed against my nipples, she stopped. Her fingers started caressing my rosy pink nipples which was doing something starnge now. I had a pain in my virgin pussy and pushed it up against her knees. She knew what she was doing and started rubbing her knees against my hot virgin vagina. I did not have an orgasm that night but came pretty close. Polina left the orphanage soon but I now knew what my body wanted.

Little by little, I discovered my special areas. I knew where I should touch myself, with what I can touch myself and how. After shifting to the foster home, I saw a shower for the first time. I soon learnt how to adjust the water stream to give me pleasure. I was very weary of boys though. Somehow I knew I had to wait for the special moment. We had a number of priests coming to talk to us, both in the orphanage and in the foster home. They spoke to us about the evils lurking in every corner and how to protect ourselves. Once, however, I could see the eyes of one father roaming over my teenage chest. I had put on a old t-shirt that day that had become very tight. My teenage budding tits were pushing against it. I rather enjoyed his eyes looking at them and arched my body forward. My virgin pussy burned in anticipation of pleasure.

Anyway I did know that I had to avoid sex with someone I was not serious with. Frankly, I did not want to have intimacy with any of the boys I met. They were all very immature and foolish. I am sure they would not know anything about giving me pleasure. In front of others, I was the perfect girl, well behaved, demure and I know how to keep my thoughts to myself. We were all home schooled but as soon as I was 18, I came away to Moscow to find out what to do with my life. I did not know much about modelling although 2-3 people had explained to me that I could do well in this field. I also do not know much about money but know that I want to live well. My foster parents knew the restaurant owner and I started work here to begin with.

The day after I got Alexandre’s card, I called him. I did not know why he had given it to me but I wanted to say Yes to everything. I got a big surprise when he said he had work for me. I almost jumped in delight. He told me about and I was immediately interested. Of course, I want to make a name for myself and money was always welcome. This would give me an exposure to modelling as well as that I would know what to do with my life. I said a big YES!

It was one of the most fantastic experiences for me. I got an erotic high out of the experience apart from money. I was so proud of my virginity and I now had a chance to also lose my virginity and become a woman in a special way, if the producer agrees, of course! Wishing Defloration all the best and a big thank you from my side for the experience!

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Artist: Zhopka Sladkaya