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Hello, I’m Vivien Piaf and I’m already 18 years old but still a virgin! That has not be the case for a long time after I entered the Defloration studio!
Since I was a kid my parents used to make me go to a dancing school, which I really enjoyed, and also I was going myself to do acrobatics. I couldn’t do fitness at that age so there were no other options for me. I loved working out and checking out models in the internet to be just like them specially a girl from instagram called Jen Selter. She was and she will always be my role model as how to look like and of course some other girls from Russia that I totally adore. I was training really night day and dreaming about becoming famous in social media, so that once I grow up I will hundreds of contracts waiting for me to model. My body really started to shape up, and I was really content about my progress from acrobatics. Then I begun doing yoga classes and that brought me an idea to also practice some sexual poses , because perhaps I could use that in the future, I was practicing them at home because I was a bit shy at the time, and I had to hide in my room, and lock it in order to do so! After a few years my father has opened his own fitness studio in Budapest, I was super happy as I knew that I can use it at anytime I want! I wasn’t mistaking, he and mom spoke to me and told me that I will going to have a key of my own and I can after hours to workout there, but not to over exaggerate my training as it can become very dangerous for my health. I told them that I will watch out and I did! I was doing such exercises for my ass that I couldn’t seat on it for weeks, but I wasn’t giving up and after three to four months my ass started to shape up and becoming very hot looking that even I myself started to up from my own body. It might be weird to hear for others, but I was masturbating in the shower of out fitness studio and thinking of a my twin coming in to me and making out with me and rubbing my tiny virgin pussy! I couldn’t resist my self by the time that was passing and I started to masturbate everywhere I could there. Then I started to bring friends, only females friends, my best friends. I reached them all the exercises and I was literally looking like a pornstar from some movies about naked yoga or after workout lesbian action films. One day, I was showing my other friend some yoga exercises and some workouts for her already amazing looks ass, and I got very turned on by her moves and I started to get closer to her body, funny fact, she got excited by this and when she had the opportunity she kissed me on the lips. Even though I was imagining it in my head it came at me still as a surprise and I backed off and she started to apologise a lot. I calmed her down, but she still felt like has almost destroyed our friendship. Since it was her first time training there with me, I showed her to the sauna that I was doing everyday after each training as it is an amazing relaxation for the muscles! We went in, I told her to get complete naked and lay down. I put a towel of her eyes and told her to spread her legs and feel completely free, as there’s no one else beside us in there. She really wanted to make it for me and believed me! After about 10 minutes I brought in some ice and started to melt it through out her body, starting from the top, and I saw how wet she was getting. By the time I reached her pussy the ice almost melted and sucked on her tits, on her stiff nipples and her whole body started to shake… After about 20 minutes we both were laying there feeling super exhausted and couldn’t move after finishing each other off in that sauna, but without losing our virginities while using hands, tits and our tongues! We went immediately to the cold pool and then to the shower and after this my workouts became even more tense in my dads gym for which I’m still super glad! She then told her friends about this and I got a line up of hot girls who wanted to the same and even pay me to come again and again to train with me in such a way. But as I reached the age of 18 I got called in to an amazing erotical studio and I knew I couldn’t miss such a chance, specially for losing my virginity within a few a shootings! The guy I promised is one of the most famous stars and I knew that everything should be amazing since it was Thomas Stone.