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Hi, I came back as promised to finally break up with my hymen! The most difficult thing was to finally get myself together in my mind and call them that I agree to do so on camera and with a professional pornstar, although I’m not sure that he was professional at all.. This whole process took me around two weeks to agree to come back.. Now, I can say that it was worth it because I can start having as much sex as possible with any men or even women! The day I called the studio and told them that I had agreed, I think they were more happy than me to hear that and told me that I can Choose my own guy for the shooting, the one who will break my hymen! So I did. But I had no idea that his dick will be small even when erected and he won’t be looking so passionately at me while having sex sadly.. Perhaps he didn’t like the way I was looking, although I have prepared really a lot for it and even shaved my tight virgin pussy almost everyday just so it can look perfect . I understand that I have relatively small tits and my body is not looking like an insta model shaped body, but nonetheless, I enjoy speaking and being there for someone with full passion and interest, especially when the topic is about me losing my virginity! The day has finally come and I’m here at the studio, really nervous and I’m not even looking like someone who would be excited at all or happy about it! Once I came in and the producer greeted me and gave me a cup of tea so I could relax a bit, I also drank valerian tea and some droplets with it to calm down. This has made me actually too emotionless during the shooting as you will see… So… The actor has arrived and I wasn’t excited anymore at all, as he seemed like someone who wouldn’t enjoy our sex and this has scared me, but it was too late to search for another one and I agreed with myself to do it with him. We followed to the bed sat down on the bed and began to talk a bit, then we kissed for a bit and took his cock out and gave it to me in my hands and I had no idea nor passion to stroke it, but I had to I knew that I had to make it bigger and ready for sex. Then he told me to take inside my mouth and start sucking on it. First I didn’t enjoy it, but then it started to feel good, and exactly at that moment he takes it out of my mouth, pushes me downwards and pulls down my panties and begins licking my tight small virgin shaved pussy! I really enjoyed it, it was very wet and hot and enjoyable! My whole body was tickling and shivering from it! He then tells me to seat down on the bed and takes down my dress slowly and starts to suck on my tits and finally removes my whole dress, tells me to lay down on the bed. Meanwhile he was playing with his dick by pushing it against my pussy and slowly pushing it in, it really hurt me already and then he gave it a big push and it ended up being deep inside me and it was really really painful, but at least it was already all behind me. Till the end until we stopped it was really hurting me and I couldn’t get any real pleasure from my sex experience. Hopefully this will change in my future life, with the men that I will love! Also I am not afraid to say that I’m a virgin anymore in front of my friends or a guy that i’ll date once. Thanks a lot to for this chance, I understand that for me this was the option after all, because if my boyfriend would do that I would just break up afterwards…