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Hello and welcome back to the day when I lose my virginity with the most awesome man! So I did my casting and then thankfully I got the opportunity to also lose my virginity here, just as I planned. This actor whom they provided turned out to be someone whom I started to date and I must say that dating a pornstar is so much fun, until he offered me something else to try too… Before coming back here I spent three days at home and spoke to my girlfriend and my boyfriend and they both convinced me to come here and to do it with a professional, and experienced pornstar and a guy . My girl told me that the first time has to be with a guy and its a must to experience a nice big warm cock inside of you for the first time. So that has come and I’m back here at the studio, sitting waiting for him to walk in. Once he does I look at him and literally fall in love with him at the first sight. I was really hoping for his sock not to be too big, as I am afraid of those very much. We start talking and kissing and then he caresses my body licks my pussy out and then takes his cock out and at this moment I was shocked because I wished and also told them that I’m afraid of big sizes and yet this one was huge. I told them and they told me that this a regular size cock and that I shouldn’t be afraid, also the actor told me that and kissed me with passion. I calmed down and followed by sucking him and he was pushing my head on it and I was literally chocking on it with my throat like in porn videos I watched. Then he checked my virginity for the last time, licked me a couple more times and asked me if I was ready for which I wasn’t sure what to say. But then I agreed and told him to be very careful me with me, he told me not worry about anything and then at one moment he put it in deep inside of my tight little virgin pussy and broke my hymen! I really hurt me a lot and I was screaming and almost crying. Then he stopped and checked my hymen to make sure I wasn’t a virgin anymore.. Well.. I was not one anymore and I was proud of myself. He asked me then to continue, and fucked me hard in many different poses. I did have my first real orgasm and it was truly amazing and unforgettable! Once they asked me which pose was the best I knew I came in doggy pose and told them so, now this will be my forever favourite position and I will always fuck in it! It turned out to be true, that later on you don’t feel the size of the cock, but I still prefer something smaller than his, even though we ended up dating with him. Also while fucking him after he broke my hymen I realised that being on top in control of his cock and riding it the way I want to is also very amazing and so this is my second most favourite pose and I can’t even tell anymore which one was it, when I had my first real orgasm today. Hopefully this wasn’t my last time at this studio, as I told them that I love being with girls and I’m always open for new experiences!