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Sofia Dolgovyaz – Hardcore Defloration



Sofia Dolgovyaz – Hardcore Defloration


Hi, I am Sofia from Russia. I turned 18 a month ago and immediately applied to Defloration for an audition. Even though I am a ballerina and dance for me is part of life, I always wanted to be a model. All my life! A friend told me about Defloration and that there are fantastic photos and shoots they had done with ballerinas, and I knew this was where I could make my start.

I am a virgin because I want to lose it in a special way. I love touching myself and I love the feeling I get when my body trembles and I cum. When I was younger, I used to help my mother with her work. She has a small tea room for tourists. I see many foreign tourists hug her and sometimes touch her tits. As a child I was not too aware but I too had some touch me. I did not like it then. I thought my mother was a fool to encourage these men.

Maybe my mother was not such a fool. She earned enough money to keep me in school and to enrol me in ballet school. I went to ballet school when I was eight. I had learnt to dance with my grandmother who was a ballerina earlier. She was one of the most graceful women I have seen. She too had many lovers. She told me stories of how she travelled around the world, dancing in theatres in front of audiences.

Our teacher in ballet school was a dame. She used to have sex with some of the students. She would watch us undress and would pick and choose. I think she loved my virgin pussy. She would stare at it when I was naked in the dressing room. At night, when she thought I was asleep, she would come and slip her hand under my dress. I would wear nothing underneath, waiting for her. I used to love her fingers running through the hair beneath. She would sometimes lie besides me and rub her bare breasts while she explored my virgin vagina. Her fingers would grow rough and fast and I would moan and groan. She thought I was groaning in my sleep and many times I would come wet in her fingers and she would leave me. I do not know what satisfaction she got but I used to long for her nightly visits. During the day, she would flirt with the other girls but ignore me, sometimes scold me badly. I did not mind. There was no boy in my life till then…

I met Tomas when I turned sixteen. He does not dance but looks after the lights in a theatre. He had come to meet madam one day and that is when both of us looked into each other’s eyes. I fell in love. After I came back home, we continued to meet. He makes love to me like I never imagined any man could. He has a big cock and I could feel it stand straight through his pants. My teenage nipples stand erect when he presses his manhood against my pussy. HE teases my teenage boobs, even lifts my shirt and sucks them. I want my milk to flow sometimes and feed him like my child. My virgin pussy grows hot with the excitement. I wish him inside me but till now he has not penetrated me because I want to wait for sometime. I have sucked on his cock twice when he stood over me. I sucked and sucked till he came all over my bare breasts. He made me lick it up and I loved it. He says I will be the world’s greatest model and I believe him. I want him to be rough with me but he is always gentle. I want a man to enter me by force sometimes but I know that is just a foolish thing to want.

If the producer of Defloration agrees, I want to lose my virginity with Tomas in front of the camera. I want to make a memorable event that I will remember forever. Tomas is ready for it. The very thought of it makes me want to cum. I want him to suck my virgin pussy in front of the camera and lick it and make me cum again and again. I want him to hold my hair back and make me scream. I want him to push his big, strong dick through my virgin pussy, break my hymen in front of the world. I want to scream in pain and become a woman. I only hope the producer agrees. With that money I can become a model too as it will pay for my trip to Paris. Tomas knows of an agent there who can help me. I hope you enjoy this solo video of mine.

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Artist: Sofia Dolgovyaz