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Olivia Cassi – Hardcore Defloration



Olivia Cassi – Hardcore Defloration


My name is Olivia Cassi

I turned 18 a week ago. When I was casting, I was asked to tell the story of my first sexual experience.
When I was 14, my dad died. And a year later, my mom brought home a new man. He became my stepfather. At first I liked him. He played with me as my real dad. But later I started to notice that within playing with me, he tries to touch my tits and ass… Once I was taking a shower and he knocked on the door. He asked if he can enter and take his towel and a shaving razor. I said there is no problem. He came in and told me not to be shy, he is just shaving his beard and doesn’t look at me. I kept washing, but I noticed him starring at me… Then I started washing my head, I had a lot of foam on my face and I couldn’t see him coming closer to me from behind. He said: you have such a beautiful body girl, but your muscles are so tense! I worked as a masseur and I can help you relieve your spasm. He started to stroke my back and slightly massage me. I became ashamed and I couldn`t say a word, this situation shocked me so much… He was touching me very gently and his hands were sliding along my entire body. Also he was touching my ass… Then his hands moved to my stomach… I felt that my face was turning red and my head was bleeding . I couldn’t even move. Meanwhile, his hands had already completely passed to the front of the body and he was touching only my tits. My nipples became stiff from arousal and I felt itching in my pussy. I got scared… And then I felt a hot hard object coming in between my buttocks. I shuddered and looked at him. I was horrified to see it was his dick! I bounced aside and said no!… But he tried to get into the bath, and started to put off his trousers. But than someone rang the doorbell, it was my mom, she came home after work … He quickly ran out of the bathroom and said if I tell her he’d hurt me… So my life turned into hell… He kept pestering me. Touching me. But I was trying to avoid him and was going for a walk with my friend any time when my mom wasn`t at home. When I turned 17, my mother broke up with him and for me it was the happiest day of my life.

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Artist: Olivia Cassi