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Hello and welcome back! As you might have thought I did come back here today to lose my virginity and I got lucky enough to do it with the virgin whisperer! I got so excited when Sergey the producer and owner of defloration.com called me again to confirm if I still wanted to do it in his studio or not. I said, but only on one condition, and that is if I’d get to do it Thomas Stone! He said yes of course! He will be more than happy to take your virginity away! I got super happy and even masturbated for the entire evening after the call. I had three days to prepare for it and I watched all the videos I could find with him to prepare properly and know how it all goes down and I also sucked off my boyfriend’s cock before going in.. Oh, yes, I told him and her that I’ll be losing my virginity in the worlds famous porn studio and now after this I will be able to have sex with them in any pose and anywhere they want. First they have hesitated, but then I promised that if they let me go on the shooting I’ll let them ass and pussy fuck me afterwards, this was definitely the deal breaker! I spent those three days preparing myself mentally and physically to make myself perfect for Tommy! Once I came into the studio, they offered me the best coffee and a good hot shower before the shooting. I was enjoying it very much, then Tommy walked in… He probably didn’t know I was inside and we both got surprised. I told him that I’m almost done, and he said that he’ll wait there inside the bathroom for me to get ready for him, while he will take the shower too. He was completely naked and me too! It was very hot there, but mostly because I am hot and he is muscled up and a very masculine and elegant guy with tattoos! My nipples got hard and before leaving the bathroom, he stopped me and sucked on my both nipples and told me to go to bed and wait for me. Also told me that clothes were unnecessary, but I still wore something sexy and easy to take off. Once he came out of the shower and was making his way into me to the bed, I got very wet and aroused. My body was shivering and it felt like heaven in there. He laid down and started to kiss me while grabbing my ass and slowly taking my top off so he could reach my big tits with his mouth. It was very sexy looking at him from above while he was sucking on my tits and then his hand reached down to my shorts, he then pulled them aside and began to masturbate my little tight virgin pussy until it got very hot and wet. I couldn’t take anymore and decided to make my way onto him and ride him even with my clothes on. It was very sexy how my tits were bouncing on his face and he was grabbing my sexy ass with his manly hands and then my tits too! After about 5 minutes he changed his position and took off my shorts and started to lick my pussy while masturbating it in addition to his tongue touching my clit! Some time has passed, I can’t even recall how much and I decided to take his special dick in my hands and then my mouth and deep suck him off! It didn’t take much time to quickly take his jeans off, take his cock out and stroke while kissing him with my tongue. Then I quickly took it deep inside my mouth and changed the pose. Didn’t want to stop there and I think him too, so he offered to 69 and this was a dream come true honestly.. Even though I could barely suck him off, because he was so good at licking, that lasted until he turned me around and checked my hymen one more time. I knew that he was about to break my hymen and so he did by turning me sideways and lifting my leg up, I loved it! He fucked me hard and painlessly, unless the moment when hymen disappeared from existence and then he fucked me even harder and with lots of passion, even in the doggy pose, which I think is the best looking pose and my personal favourite! He also pushed me down to my stomach while fucking me in the doggy pose and gave me an unforgettable pleasure as my pussy has tightened that moment and his huge cock felt incredible inside me! He then finally turned me on my back and fucked until I already had my third and the strongest orgasm and then he came all over pussy and stomach. We laid on the bed for quite some time afterwards making out and I was stroking his penis and never wanted all this to end! I am very grateful to Sergey for letting me take part in such an amazing and life changing experience with world famous virgin whisperer Thomas Stone in the world’s best studio and the best website defloration.com!

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