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Olesya Kisbeka – Hardcore Defloration



Olesya Kisbeka – Hardcore Defloration


Hey there! I am an 18-year-old virgin from St Petersburg. This is a kind of belated birthday gift for me. It is the most exciting thing that I have ever done and I got paid for it too. I love my body and have known how to get pleasure from it for a long time. This is the first time I am sharing it in front of a camera. When I told the producer about my story , he was super thrilled and thought everyone else would love to hear it too.

I am the youngest of three sisters and our parents are busy doctors. I don’t really need the money and I also am doing quite well in college but being in front of the camera has added an extra erotic angle to my erotic experiences.

It was almost 12 years ago that I had my first taste of sensual feelings. I remember it was a Saturday and everyone was out. I didn’t have school that day and I was alone at home. I had just woken up when suddenly the bell rang. I was wearing a t-shirt without any panties when the bell rang. I ran to stand on a stool to answer the intercom when our dog came and started licking my virgin, soft pussy. As I was wearing no panties, I could feel some strange sensations go through my body. I was scared but at the same time I really got very excited too. This was my first sexual experience. I didn’t know what to do and got up but this changed my life. I discovered my body. At that time, my boobs were not developed as yet so I felt strange when my nipples started to get feelings as well. I told my girlfriends about this only last year when I was 17 and they all had a big laugh. I don’t know about their first experiences but I am sure they were nothing like mine!

I was very young and soon after this when I started to masturbate. I did it in class when everyone was taking a nap. We wore skirts to school so it was very easy to slip my hand under it and touch my pussy. I did not get an orgasm but it make me feel very good. I did it everyday during nap time. At home, when the house was empty I did it in my bed. I knew it was not something you did in front of others and I tried to do it when no one was around. I would put my hands inside my panties and touch my tight, virgin vagina. I would also touch my nipples and pull at them.

One day, about ten years ago, I was doing this on my bed with no panties on. My sister who is four years elder walked in the room and saw me. I immediately closed my legs but she had already seen. She did not ask me what I was doing but gave me a weird look and walked out. Next I discovered the shower. I loved touching my body in the privacy of the shower. The water jet gave me the most erotic sensations. By this time my tits had also started budding. I have two sisters and I know the elder one does it too in the shower but not sure about my other sister. I haven’t seen either of them doing it.

We did try it on each other though. We were in Turkey for a vacation and I wasn’t in my teens then. We played games with each other. One of us would pretend to be a man and attack the others. We would pretend to be scared while the one who pretended to be the man would touch us in our private parts. Then one time I was lying in bed with my sister and unknowingly my hand went down to my pussy. My sister saw it and removed my hand started touching my pussy herself. She rubbed my virgin vagina lips and rubbed faster and faster. I got so excited. We did not talk to each other but she kept touching me. I then did the same to her. She already had pubic hair and I was very interested. She would put my finger in the right place if I rubbed wrong. She put my hand on her teenage boobs too. All this while we did not speak to each other but knew what to do. There was no orgasm but it felt so good. We continued to do this once in a while for a couple of years but as we grew older we stopped.

In school, boys were attracted to me. We shared kisses and a few would grab my ass. It felt so good to have their hands around my tight buttocks and squeeze them. Some girls do nto like it but I enjoyed it a lot. While kissing, the boys would pull me forward so that my teenage boobs would be touching them. Many times I do not wear a bra and my teenage nipples would stand out erect through the t-shirts. One boy was so excited that he kept squeezing my teenage boobs and couldn’t take his eyes off them.

Once I had gone to the change room in P.E. class and while passing the boy’s room accidently saw a boy with his big dick sticking out. I did not wait but that image stuck in my head. I rushed to the bathroom and pulled off my panties. I imagined his big cock inside my pussy. I used two fingers and tried to put them inside my virgin pussy. IT was nice but hurt a bit so I pulled it out. I haven’t seen my hymen yet but I tried to use a mirror to see it. Today during the shoot, the producer took a close-up of my intact hymen and it will be the first time that I see it. This is exciting for me. I know a man has to penetrate through this, break it and deflower me. Now when I touch myself and close my eyes I imagine a man strong and older to me doing this to me…a man who is confident and gentle. His cock would be big and tight and it would cut through my hymen without giving me much pain. I know after that I would be able to experience sex properly for the first time and I look forward to it. Till now I haven’t found such a man. I hope you have enjoyed my video and story and it gave me great pleasure too.

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Artist: Olesya Kisbeka