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Hi my name is Nina O`Neill. I am 18 years old, I have turn 18 not so long ago and today I am at the studio off losing my virginity with world famous Thomas Stone! I must be the luckiest girl in the world considering my past and where I am now and where my career lays ahead! I am from Ukraine I’ve lived my whole life there but it’s been pretty fun because as a Ukrainian I could travel without visa anywhere in Europe and that’s what I did most of the time and it was an amazing part of my life and still is! The only downside of my teenage days it was my brother, he tried to get to me at every possible moment, and I mean it in a way that, in the sexual way like sexual harassment almost.. definitely a big role on me and it became very hard for me to trust guys and to get into any relationships with them and the way this was showing, or actually started showing as when I was 14 and my body was developing really quickly and I had big tits and a very nice ass as well as legs… at one point I was taking a shower and she was looking at me through the door that was ajar. First I haven’t even noticed and this could’ve been going on for months but then I suddenly turned around because I heard a noise it was him tripping down bumping into the door and opening it and I saw his pants were down and his who directed cock was pointing at me and at this moment he was probably planning to cum and this is exactly what happen so I saw him falling down with his huge cock pointing at me cum flying in my direction.. I was shocked by this I didn’t know what was going on at first.. because of the shock of course I knew everything about sex and masturbation for guys and girls and the shock took me over I didn’t even scream I was just standing there looking he ran away quickly and pretended that this has never happened.. for a few days… but then I was left alone parents went away for a dinner and I watching my favorite tv show on the couch. This couch was pretty cool because it could extend for the legs so I was laying there under the cover and there are some sexual scenes in the TV and I started masturbating my eyes were closed and I was imagining myself in those parts of the series and suddenly I felt someone else’s hand under the cover and it reached my pussy and touched it I open my eyes and I see my brother staring at me and his hand being at my pussy I started to scream hit him and ran away to my room closed it and waited there until my parents came back.. as they came back I haven’t told him anything because I was scared of him he was way older than I was and I just let it go hoping that this would never happen again and to make sure it wouldn’t I left a note in his room that I will be moving out to soon as I hit 18 and if she’s trying to do anything like this my parents will know first things first about this and your other attempts! So then it was all gone and he wasn’t harassing me much, but sometimes he would steal grab my tits somewhere and slap my ass and that point I was already not giving it any attention so that he will get bored and stop doing this! You’re a spaz but he wasn’t doing much and then I once walked in on his room and he went out somewhere with his friends left his computer on and I saw my self naked on the pictures on his computer and this is when I knew that it’s time to for me to move out and I did and move to Budapest then I turn 18 immediately reached out to and we agreed to do some videos and for me to lose my virginity with the best and the most professional actor Thomas Stone! This way I was hundred percent certain that my brother will never get to me first and I can be a real woman! And so I arrived to the shooting everything was amazing the producer was a very amazing person there laughing a lot and then I met Tommy he was a very generous person very brutal looking but very caring and professional acting and I felt myself completely safe with him and wouldn’t worry about a little thing! What does have a language barrier but there wasn’t much to speak about the producer help with translation he translated everything to me Dr. Tommy end it was amazing I was so amazed by this whole shooting that when I lost my virginity wait time is huge cock I barely even felt it although it was really hurting me but I wasn’t focusing my attention on this 100%.. all I can say is that I don’t regret coming to Budapest reaching out to Defloration and losing my virginity with Thomas Stone!