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Hi there and welcome back to me losing my virginity today with a special actor whom I really loved when I was watching porn! As I mentioned before I met the love of my life and I never needed anyone else. But the time has come and I have completed my first set on camera when I was completely naked and had to show my hymen as well as masturbate on camera for the first time in my life. This was awkward at first, but then I got into it and enjoyed myself to the maximum. Right after I was done masturbating and the shooting was done, I heard the producer asking his partner if they should offer me another shooting where a world famous pornstar should take my virginity and I screamed yes, so that they heard me from the other room and came to me asking if I was just joking or I’m saying this for real? I said of course I am serious about it, and this was my initial thought of coming here and doing it here and not anywhere else, not even with my boyfriend. So we discussed the payments and who will be this mysterious pornstar who will take my virginity away. They told me Tommy and nothing else … So, once I came home and researched them on the internet, I found out that it was Thomas Stone and my pussy got really wet, so without any hesitation, I went and both sexy looking clothes and lingerie to surprise Tommy the next day! The day has come and I’m sitting in the studio of once again and this time I can say goodbye to my hymen once and for all! Without any regrets of course! I took a shower and I was sitting on the bed, until he came in and smiled at me and got closer. Then he sat down next to me and we began talking, so he could get to know me better. I must say that in reality he looks even better then on the videos, plus the thoughts of him licking, fucking and teaching me new sexual experience, makes it even lots better! I couldn’t wait till the moment, when he lifted my t-shirt and touched my tits and then sucked on them. This has felt incredible, then we got naked and I stroked his cock just like I did my boyfriends for the first time and he noticed how experienced I am in it and I had to admit that I was practicing on my boyfriend, but we never had anything else. I sucked him off only a bit though, but then he laid me down and licked me out until I almost orgasmed. This happened twice that shooting and I was feeling special about it. Then he put me into the doggy pose, which was very interesting and new from the other doggy poses and inserted his huge warm and sucked off into my tight virgin little pussy! It was really painful and even bloody! But then as we continued fucking and changing poses all the pain went away! At the end of both had orgasms and he covered my ass and my leg with sperm, we were just laughing then and cuddling! I want to say a big thank you to Defloration and to the producer and most importantly to Tommy for this incredible day! I will never forget this day and will only remember the good, as there was nothing bad.