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Hi everyone! I’m here again! I enjoyed posing at my first casting, it was a very interesting new experience. That is why today I came to again to continue what I started. Today I had a very significant day, which, I am sure, I will never forget. I finally said goodbye to my virginity! Despite the fact that I already had the experience of posing naked on camera, today I was still a little nervous. Subconsciously, I understood that this event would take place for me at the highest level, but nevertheless I was still a little scared of the idea that now a complete stranger to me will enter the room, with whom I will have sex for the first time in my life. I was afraid that I might not like him , or that he would be too rude or do everything too quickly and abruptly. But absolutely all my fears dissipated exactly the minute Tommy entered the room. We looked at each other and then he smiled very kind at me. At that moment, I realised that I had nothing to worry about, because I was in the very tender and caring hands of a real professional. I think I became even more comfortable with him after we talked a little. When I was already without clothes and Tommy started kissing my body and touching my pussy, I thought how lucky I was! Probably, few innocent girls get the same adult and experienced man that I got. About the sensations of first sex, I can say that all these painful sensations that everyone talks about so much are just a trifle. This tiny pain lasts only a couple of seconds, and then… then begins the very thing that is not described by any words. But an even more amazing feeling is, of course, an orgasm. You know, I still feel the delight I experienced today during my first orgasm. What do you say, with a partner like mine, you can hardly not end up. In general, I can say that the experience and the emotions that I received today are simply colossal! Now I absolutely agree with everyone who says that sex is cool. The whole process from the very beginning to the very end I find damn exciting and pleasant. And now I can confidently say that my desire to make my career in porn business has finally strengthened.