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Nevet Nikolet – Hardcore Defloration



Nevet Nikolet – Hardcore Defloration


My name is Nevet Nikolet.

I’m from Saint Petersburg, Russia. I’m 18 years old and I’m really a virgin.
I got to this casting in a very interesting way. My friends are not hymens anymore, and they said that they gonna make me a surprise. They took me to a studio where they work with virgins only, and literally pulled me into this.. I had no idea where am I.. First I was in a shock, but then they told me how much money I will get if I prove my virginity. And that they don’t trust me neither. It was a funny mood, so I agreed to it. Strange things are happening in my life. I was never ever nude in front of any guy or girls before. But at this moment my shyness has just disappeared. I have a boyfriend and I know that he wants to have sex with me. He’s always trying to get inside my panties. But I never let him do that. I also want to have sex, so I do with myself alone. I sleep completely naked. I always imagine how a boy from my class or my boyfriend is caressing my tits, and my clit. That really makes me horny. I always have strong orgasms. But I never tell this to my friends. In fact I tell everyone that it has no interest to me. I’m afraid of the first sex, just because I think that it will hurt a lot. It will definitely hurt a lot, because I have a very little hole in my hymen.. I looked at it in the mirror. But I know, that time will come, and I will do it.

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Artist: Nevet Nikolet