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Hey there! I’m back! My first solo shoot went really well. Despite my innate shyness, I was able to cope with this and felt free and comfortable in front of the camera. I think a comfortable atmosphere was created due to the fact that the producer speaks Russian. It seems to me that in any exciting life situation it is easier and calmer for a person to speak his native language. Anyway, that’s really true for me. Since my first casting was excellent, I dropped all doubts and definitely decided to come to the set again. Therefore, today I am here and absolutely ready to break up with my virginity. Simple thoughts about sex have grown into dreams of sex, and the naive interest in learning something new has long become a passionate desire to experience this new feeling. I believe that I had a truly unique opportunity to combine the pleasant with the useful. Not only will I get the first sexual experience with an adult man who knows in all the details and details what to do and how to do, but I can also make money on it. In my opinion, I am in a winning position. You know, the only moment that scared me a little bit is language. Yes, undoubtedly, I am very lucky that I can start my sex life with such an experienced man who can hardly make any stupid mistake or turn this important process into something unpleasant. But despite all this, he and I do not have a common language in which we could speak. I understand that conversations in general in sex are not the most important. But still for me, as for a girl who does not have absolutely any experience, I would like to at least be able to say something to a partner and be understood. It really frightened me and I even had the idea to cancel the shoot. But, as you can see, this did not happen and I still lost my virginity. As a result, everything turned out in such a way that there was no need for words or conversations. When I first saw Tommy, it seemed to me that I immediately, just instantly had sympathy for him. I really just had to look at him once to see that I was making the right decision. And it was really so. I think this rarely happens at all. When you just see a person and realise that they really know their business and can turn the first sex into a very pleasant and cool event. And no words are needed. And I wasn’t wrong. Despite the fact that at first I was really hurt, after a couple of minutes I began to enjoy sex. However, I think there is nothing surprising and unusual in the short painful sensations during the first sex. Especially when your partner’s dick is goddamn big. If I summarise everything that happened to me today, then I am more than happy. And even more so, I do not regret my decision to come to the shooting of Today, not only one of my most cherished dreams has finally been fulfilled, but I also got good experience and in fact a lot of positive emotions.