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Marusya Kalashnikova – Hardcore Defloration



Marusya Kalashnikova – Hardcore Defloration


I am 18 years old. I am pretty, some say beautiful. I have had such a hard life that I really do not know what to think. My father ran away from home long time ago. I like to think he will come back one day but in my heart, I know I probably will never see him again. I had the most amazing experience here in the defloration studio where Tommy made me a woman. This was the first time I loved my body and saw it as beautiful with another’s eyes.

I was born to a loving mother but something happened along the way and she became a self-obsessed person who was very selfish. I did not exist for her. After my father left her, she waited many months, thinking he will come back. She thought he died and was depressed for a long time. Then we got the news that he was very much alive and in the arms of a young girl. My mother was working as a maid in a posh area in the city and really struggling to make ends meet at that time. My father was not a rich man but at least when he was there, driving his cab, we were a bit more comfortable. Hearing this news on top of everything else was just too much for her. Something snapped and she almost became mad. After that she stopped caring.

I continued going to school but mainly because my neighbour lady asked me about school regularly. My teachers were kind and spoke to my mother but she was beyond reach. She continued working as a maid but now we had a string of boyfriends at home. My mom would stink of booze and many times I would have to clean up the mess before going to school. She would be fresh in the morning though, smile at me and then go off for work. It was in the evenings that she used to make merry. And I had no other place to go.

The first time one of her boyfriends touched me was six years ago. I did not tell her because she was too drunk to care or notice. I grew tough after a while. Not one cared enough about me to actually get too rough anyway. My teenage boobs and virgin clit were things I explored at night in my room, all the while hearing moans from my mother’s room. As her screams increased in intensity, my fingers would increased the pace of rubbing. I too would moan and finally cum with frustration and anger. I wish I had a boyfriend of my own who would suck my tits and touch me with his tongue all over. I could do anything for him. I would take care of him. He would squeeze my teenage nipples and make me scream and in turn I would suck his cock till he cried. These were the fantasies I had.

One day my mother was in an extra foul mood. I was half asleep at night when she dragged me into her room. She was wearing a flimsy nightie with a boob hanging out. Her latest boyfriend was laying on her bed with his cock erect. I was wearing a thin, short nightie and when pulling me, it got torn and right then I was trying my best to cover up as much of myself as I could. Her boyfriend slurred and leaned forward. Reaching out his hand, he caressed my teenage tits. My mother left me and went on top of him, sucking his cock. I was stunned and at the same time quite astonished by the way my body reacted. My virgin clit ached. As her boyfriend kept fingering my tits, I felt as if the earth was shaking. He was drunk and his fingers rubbed my tummy and then moved to my butt. All the while, my mother was riding him now, completely naked. I pulled myself away and ran back into my room. Once inside, I had the biggest orgasm. I touched my virgin clit, rubbing the lips again and again.

I became a waitress after school in a big restaurant. They pay me well and I get tips. I have no boyfriend. I do not want a boyfriend. I saw Tommy on a friend’s phone and that was the man I wanted to be deflowered by. I knew he was all the other men were not. He was so gentle and caring and at the same time, strong and manly. I need the money too and this assignment would give me this. I would now be able to take some time to travel and find out what to do. Modelling is one option but I am not sure.

When I met Tommy, one of my dreams came true. He was absolutely different from all mom’s boyfriends. I felt special and like a lady. I feel so grateful to defloration. For the first time in my life, I did something big on my own, made my own decision and earned big money too. I will know what I want to do in life soon and find my way. Maybe someday you will see me in many other places!

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