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Maria Stupor – Hardcore Defloration



Maria Stupor – Hardcore Defloration


I am what many would call a bad girl. I am not bad actually but just curious about my body. I love my body. I am 18 years old and a virgin from St. Petersburg, Russia. defloration finally chose me after I sent my application for the third time. I was excited and thrilled to be part of it all. Sergey was such a great photographer and I had seen his work earlier so I was stunned when I saw that he was there. I hope you like the video.

It was five years ago that I learnt that my body can give me pleasure. Once, after school , I was taking a shower. I soaped up well and the was using the hand nozzle to wash it off. Accidently, the jet of water touched my virgin labia and a weird sensation flitted through my body. It was as if an electric current has passed through. I took the nozzle and this time directed it intentionally at my vaginal lips. It happened again, that electric jolt and I had to hold on to the wall for support. I finally sat down and kept adjusting the jet so that I got the most pleasure.

My mom works as a cashier at a nearby store and my dad is in marketing. He works in a big company in the city. We are comfortable but not rich. My grandparents come and stay with us sometimes. They live in a village very near St. Petersburg. It’s beautiful and I love going there for my holidays. I don’t have any sisters or brothers but I have three friends who re extremely close. The four of us have been together since kindergarten. We go to the same school and live near each other. Annalise, Lisa, Rita and me. Lisa’s father has his own business. He does landscaping for rich people.

After I had my first orgasm like I told you, I was extremely eager to share it with my friends but didn’t know how to do it. After almost six months, Lisa came to school excitedly. She couldn’t wait for the lunch bell to ring. As soon as class was over, she pulled all of us to our secret lunch place and told us what she saw in a house of a rich client of her father’s. She had gone with him on one of his assignments on the weekend. He had to work on the lawn and some flowers and it would take time, and Lisa walked all around. She suddenly stopped when she saw the mistress of the house laying on a mat in a small secluded patch of the garden. Completely naked. Lisa took a deep breath and continued. The lady was rubbing her big boobs and had her fingers inside, you know, her pussy. She was making moaning noises. Suddenly she shuddered and then lay down asleep under the sun. She did not know whether her father saw the lady or not but she was fascinated by what she saw.

I now told them about my experience with the showerhead and they were wild with excitement. We planned to meet after school. We had of course swam together but had never seen each other naked. It was awkward at first but Lisa was our bold girl. As soon as we got into my room, she stripped. With a lot of pulling and some pushing, we were all down to our undies in a short while. As we started soaping each other, it turned from fun into something more erotic. It was the first erotic moment in my life and most probably for all other. As our hands touched each other’s teenage tits, I felt my body stiffen. I turn the shower on and pointed it at my virgin pussy and it felt so good. The other girls too went in for it and we all lay back exhausted on my bed later. No one spoke about it but we were all deep in our thoughts.

All four of us were very curious what happens to our body when the water hits. What’s inside our virgin vaginas? We were besotted. Rita got us some booklets from her mom’s hospital where she worked as a nurse. We went through books at school. We also had a sex education class in school but that too didn’t help. We never did the shower thing together again but we girls met everyday after school. One thing led to another and one day when we were at Annalise’s home for stayover, Lisa pushed me over and said she wanted to see what’s inside. My panties were removed and I spread my legs and the three pf them peered into see what’s inside. Anna was next as I too wanted to see. We pushed her virgin vagina open with our fingers and could see a pink skin covering the opening. We used our fingers across this and on the lips of her labia trying to figure out which spot gives us the sensations. Anna started trembling as as we moved our fingers in and out and suddenly she shuddered. This was fantastic and we tried on each other. We tried it with mirrors and torch lights to see better. This was fun and erotic at the same time.

My friends and I are still close. We are all in different occupations. Rita and I are interested in modelling and I applied to defloration from the time I was 16 as one of my seniors told me about it. They were very strict about me being 18 and this time I was accepted. It was all I wished for. I hope I showed off myself well as I tried my best. I am interested in both ramp modelling as well as in films. I am still a virgin and hope to become a woman soon. Sergey was pleased with what he saw and that was very important for me. I now look forward to what’s going to happen in my life next.

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Artist: Maria Stupor