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Lika Wetterlund had to travel with a taxi for 40 minutes just to arrive at the shooting location. It was winter and it was very snowy with lots of snow outside, and as soon as I entered the territory, I began wandering around and I totally forgot that I even came for a shoot. I was very shy at first and didn’t really want to get naked fast, but as I continued speaking, I opened up a lot and could easily undress in front of a camera. I am a very sensitive girl, and by the time I had my orgasm, I think the whole village could hear me moaning! As I said, I was never interested in sex or any contact with guys.

I saw how girls were masturbating each other there and I totally loved it, and ever since then I do that at least four times a week or even more! Stay tuned for something completely different and amazing that I still have in mind to do in the studio.

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