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Juliette Bellamy is an 18-year-old Russian girl who lives in a town called Norilsk, Russia. She and her best friend decided to teach each other how to make out after they both got injured while skiing. After one hour, we decided to kiss on the lips and managed, although our bodies still hurt from the accident. We then decided to move the beds together and made out under the bed, like in Playboy magazines. Anna and I almost lost our virginity when she almost pushed her finger inside my hymen, but I managed to stop her at the right time.

Because it felt incredible and the situation was incredible, because we both grabbed each other’s butts and then kissed. The year flew by super fast, and suddenly I turned 18 years old, and I could find some free time in my everyday life to start earning extra money. The opportunity came up through some modelling friends, and I chose the studio Defloration. During the shooting, I had to prove my virginity by spreading my legs and showing my hymen on camera. To be honest, it was interesting, because I had never seen one before. So it became a masturbation, and I got so carried away that I had an incredible orgasm, and it was a huge blast! I think the producer really enjoyed what he was hearing and how happy I was during the process of masturbation!

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