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Hi, my name is Juliette Bellamy. I am still 18 years old, and today me and my boyfriend decided to come to the shooting where we were invited for a few weeks now! Our relationship is stepping up a lot and we decided that it’s finally time to take the step and for me to lose my virginity and do it with the love of my life! So we arrived at the studio it wasn’t my first time here I already known the producer, my boyfriend didn’t feel shy or anything, we was pretty confident and he was rather to finally have his first sex with me. Don’t get me wrong he is already very experienced in this and I definitely know that I can trust him that it won’t hurt me because he knows what he’s doing! So after a little talk with the producer she told us she won’t disturb us and then we began kissing he started undressing me … then he started kissing my tits took my skirt off and his hand landed immediately on my legs and then my pussy but my panties were still on. He was kissing and sucking on my tits really passionately and I really enjoyed it I got really wet his hands were already inside my panties touching my tight virgin pussy, but then the producer asked us to make the final confirmation of my virginity! Right after he checked that I was still a virgin he begin licking my pussy and sucking on my clit, I was about to orgasm! Then he stopped and stood up and I unzipped his pants took his huge cock out and started sucking it and kissing it! Seems that I was sucking him very good because it got you in more stiff and then he stopped told me to lay down and he was on top of me when he was inserting his huge cock inside my little pussy! It really hurt me at first I even had some tears but he was touching my body and kissing me and it made it a lot easier! We continue then in the spooning pose, but not exactly because here is my leg and was fucking me sideways and I was really enjoying that, until the time came to switch the post and then I was riding him and he was pumping my pussy with his huge cock! I must say it was one of my favorite poses but then the other post came in which is absolutely my most favorite one and I always wanted to try it and the name of this pose is doggy style! He was really going hard at me got over excited and came all over my ass cheeks and my back. I was covered in his sperm but I was super happy he was super happy and it was one of the best days in my life I am not sure if we will go home and continue right away because I still need to get over the shock off my hymen breaking.. but then for sure we’ll continue have sex and we’ll get the best of it!