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Julia Lepenyhal – Hardcore Defloration




My name is Julia Lepenyhal. I live in a town called Voronezh in Russia. I’m from a very strict family. My mother and father are doctors. My dad is a surgeon and my mom is gynecologist. My entire life they were keeping me safe and my mom used to tell me all the time how to behave myself with boys, and that I should never stay with them one on one. But the destiny always turned in a way were I always stayed one on one with them.. They always tried to take my panties off . I don’t understand why though. I was always worried about it. Once I decided to tell this to my girlfriend. She told that, this happens because I act like a kid and that I’m very shy, guys see this and feel that they can get in easy.. In my Russian school, there were always two students who stayed after classes. Once it was me and the boy that sits next to me at the table. We began to clean the class. I poured some water into the bin to wash the floors. We did not have a mop, so we did it with our hands while kneeing down. I knew that my school skirt was very low and everyone could see my panties. I realized that he wasn’t looking at me as he was also shy and busy. But then I felt that something was off.. I looked back and saw 4 guys who sneak in to the class and were looking at my butt in panties. I became red and turned the other way to continue washing the floor. But two of the guys ran to me and one of them grabbed my head while the other one was taking off my panties.. I screamed: Stop, please! But my mouth was closed by his palm so I couldn’t scream loud. My panties were somewhere around my knees and then he grabbed me by my virgin pussy, and began to spread my ass cheeks as well as my pussy lips. While nervously repeating: Who do you like it?

Lets fuck? So? You want to right? I was moaning because I couldn’t scream, because the hand was blocking my mouth. One guy was pulling down his pants and his voice was trembling as he was nervous too. He took his boxers down and everyone began to laugh as his dick wasn’t erected at all. He was mad and went aside to ask, who wants to be first? But then they got scared as they heard someone in the hallway. They got scared and released me. I pulled my panties up and ran away from the class.. This is one big bad story that happened with me.

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Artist: Julia Lepenyhal