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Hi, I’m back and I’m here to lose my anal virginity today! You might think, how is it possible that I have agreed so without letting my boyfriend do it instead. Well the answer is simple I quickly changed my mind and letting a professional actor do it instead, which also helps to keep my relationship with my loved boyfriend intact and safe. That is because I believe that once he does it and I won’t like it or it will hurt me a lot then I will most definitely break up with him and I don’t want that, I explained it to him and he agreed with me. I really changed up my perspective about men and now it doesn’t matter if I do it here. We began today with a little talk first and then he kissed me on my lips and started to take off my t-shirt and pants, he was kissing my lips and it felt truly satisfying and my head was spinning around and I didn’t want it to end. But then he laid me down and took my panties off and decided to check my hymen if it was still intact and it was there just like I said! Then he took off his pants and I grabbed his cock in my hand it felt really good and it was huge at least in my eyes and I kissed him on it and then he asked me to take it in and suck it off.. I was sucking it with such a passion that he didn’t want to believe me I was doing for the first time and perhaps I wasn’t who knows… I enjoyed as much as he did and then I went and took it in very deep without any vomiting reflexes and he got astonished by me and told me that I’m too good at it and I liked it! He then told me to lay down and spread my legs so he will lick me out and I enjoyed very much, my whole body was shivering and I wanted to cum almost. But at moment he just turned me around and interested his big dick inside my pussy, first it hurt but then it got all washed away, because I fell in love with him while having sex.. The producer told us to check my hymen again and I wasn’t a virgin girl anymore! I was very content about it! He asked me if I want to continue and I said yes of course and he fucked me hard until we both orgasmed! This was by far one of the best moments of my life and felt even better than I imagined it for myself. Thanks a lot to the producers and to defloration.com!