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She met her first boyfriend when she was five, and he tried to kiss her in a tight spot on the playground. Now she’s going to lose her virginity for the first time in front of a camera. I was 16 years old and started seeing a guy, and he was the man of my dreams. Things didn’t turn out to be as I wanted, but we will get to that later. He broke up with me the day I was ready to have sex with him.
It hurt me so much that now I don’t trust any guy and probably will never date any man ever again.

While watching lots of porn and getting addicted to it, I found a website called defloration.com and I decided to reach out to them and tell my story, and also get naked on camera and have an amazing interview. They responded and invited me to a casting, and to be honest, I will never forget that day or consider it a mistake. First of all, I spoke my heart out to the camera and the interviewer and it lifted a huge stone off of my heart. Second of all, I was barely feeling shy. On the other hand, it made me braver and better!

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