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Irka is an 18-year-old Russian girl who fell in love with a girl in school and later found out that she liked me too. The pair were holding hands in class when she told Irka to close her eyes and feel her lips, so she did, and it was the best and most memorable moment of her life till now. Every time I am at home and try to masturbate, I think of her, and it makes me incredibly wet! I am a very shy person, but not with her. I can’t imagine myself being naked or someone looking at me while being naked.

One of my close female friends lost her virginity, and I became curious about how the process went. What she told me that day made me realize that guys don’t know anything about it and all the promises they make about being gentle are lies. I know now that it surely hurt me too, and I don’t really want sex anymore because of this. But if it happens one day, it has to be with a blonde handsome guy with blue eyes who has the love of my life and in a room with candles and flowers. When I was 14 years old, I found out that there was a studio that only worked with virgin girls.

I reached out to them and they were so astonished by me that I got an immediate call from them. I answered all their questions, and one of them stayed with me till now. It was about me losing my virginity with a girl instead of a guy, since I expect too much from them and don’t trust them. Although while being at the casting I was asked to masturbate, and even thinking of this girl didn’t make me cum, maybe I will stick to guys after all!

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