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Irka Davalka – Hardcore Defloration



Irka Davalka – Hardcore Defloration


Hello. I’m 18 years old and I am from Russia. I’m always with a content, cheerful and happy mood. I live and study in Moscow. My dream is to become a model. I want all guys to look passionately at my body at to dream about me. Today I am on my first casting, where I was convinced to do naked posing. I was pretending that I’m very shy. But that’s exactly my trick. I want it!
I was asked about my first sexual experience. Of course I had it. That’s how it has happened .

Me and my brother were watching TV. It was getting late on us. The movie had an erotic scene in it. We were so astonished and excited by this scene, that we couldn’t get away from it. Then I glanced at my brother and saw his erected dick, which was seen through his pants. I laughed and grabbed him by the hand … They started to fool around and fight in the bed. I was very excited and put my hand inside his boxers. Oh my god! I grabbed him by his hard, sloppy, hard penis. I began caressing it, and my brother started to moan a bit. I couldn’t stop any more. The blood was pounding in me head and my pussy was pulsating. Then I took his boxes off, I was looking at his dick and continued to caress it further and further. At that moment hot white liquid started to squirt out of his dick directly to my face. Oh my god! We started to kiss, and my hand was still on his hard virgin dick going up and down, which was fully covered in sperm. I really wanted to take in my mouth, but I was scared. Oh god! Why haven’t I done it? We have kissed for an eternity. Then my brother has put his hand inside my panties, and his finger landed exactly in-between my pussy lips on my clit. I have lost it immediately and my legs begun to shake, at that moment I have gotten my first virgin orgasm. I was sure that if we have stayed 2 more minutes home alone, I would of lost my virginity with my brother. But our mom came home and it didn’t happen .. After this never has anything happened between me and my brother. They were ashamed to remember this moment ever again.

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Artist: Irka Davalka