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Just like last time I was here a day ago I only did my shooting about my masturbation and showing my hymen and telling a little about my self and how and why I’m doing what you’re seeing me do today here! I had a day to convince my boyfriend to come here and do a movie just like I was asked to do once I get home after my first time casting shooing, to convince him to come here and take my virginity away on camera and make this day a real memory for us. It didn’t take a lot for him to agree to this, but also not without trouble … I didn’t mention this in my last video with casting but I do have a step sister who looks almost identical to me and almost the same body-wise.. The only difference is our hair colour and I have huge tits and she has normal sized tits. When I told him that I want to do a movie, he offered me to practice on my sister first and got really mad at him and almost broke up with him that same moment. But then I didn’t, instead after a few hours when we both calmed down, I called my sister over and told her about the situation, she really didn’t want to agree until I told her that I will split the money from the shooting with her in half and she got naked really fast and went on to my boyfriend and began kissing him in front of me. It did hurt to watch first, but then it made me horny and I even came from masturbation! While he was sleeping we got in to him in bed and she showed me how to suck him hard, so I will do that on camera next day and won’t embarrass myself! She then climbed and sat on his face from which he woke up, and had no clue what was going on. Then he smiled and got at us hard! He almost confused me with my sister and almost inserted his fingers inside my virgin pussy. But I grabbed him by his hand and directed to her vagina and even licked it so his fingers can slide in easily. We were practicing like this for the entire night. Once we came to the studio and the producer offered my boyfriend a Viagra pill, he refused and said that he can manage it all by himself, even after such a thought night! The producer didn’t want to believe him, but I convinced him that he is capable and told them how I know. I meant the producer and his assistant who neither wanted to believe it. Alright, that was done, then we went to the bed and they asked a few questions, after which we started to make out and grab each other in our private body parts. Kissing went on with passion and he was grabbing my huge tits and enjoying it really much! But I wasn’t as I felt confused to be so on camera… He then removed his pants and told me to meet his cock and I did, with my mouth and throat and it went rough first but then I got into it and almost made him cum before sex! I really enjoyed him being a professional already and touching my tits, then he licked my pussy a lot and this was incredible! It got really unreal, specially with others in the room watching us doing all this and a camera facing us. But I got over this fear and felt comfortable, until the moment where he was about to break my hymen with his huge fat cock and I stopped him around three times, until he got bored of it and just went for it and there it was, from one moment to another within seconds I lost my precious virginity and it girt me really much! Then after a few minutes of him fucking me harder and harder I forgot about the pain and enjoyed the pure sex when he was fucking me from the side as well as from the top. He then came at the end on top of me and it was lots of cum covering my stomach. I told him to wipe it off and then the rest you can see in the video, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!