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Glasha Belkina – Hardcore Defloration



Glasha Belkina – Hardcore Defloration


I want to become a model or to be in films but till now I was too shy to do anything like this. I am 18 and I am a virgin. My name is Glasha and I am from Pushkin, near St Petersburg (Russia). My village is beautiful and many tourists come here but I would do anything to be able to go out and see the world.

Usually in school, I was very shy and would not talk much. But I love basketball and on the court I became a different person. We had a good basketball team and we have been to Moscow too to compete against a school there. We lost but the experience made me really want to travel more. There was one incident that made me grow up and I must share it here.

Once we had to go with the boy’s team to another school. We travelled by bus all together. I sat by the window. Just before we had started, the captain of the boy’s team sat by me. I felt goosebumps all over. As soon as the bus started, all started singing and making jokes while I kept looking out of the window and singing to myself. This boy put his arms around my shoulder. I got a shock. He kept his head close to mine while talking to his friends. I could feel his muscular body rubbing against my teenage boobs. I could see his big dick bulging in his pants. His hands moved down from the shoulder and grabbed my waist. I felt uncomfortable but at the same time strange feelings ran through my body. My virgin pussy felt warm and aroused. His hands brushed against my teenage tits and I do not know if he did that intentionally. He already had a girlfriend in school so I was puzzled. After some time he walked away to another seat.

In school, I couldn’t help looking at him and his girlfriend when they made out together. I once followed them to a storeroom behind the auditorium. They didn’t even know I was looking in. No one came that way and I could see him pulling off her clothers, grabbing her boobs and sucking them hard. She pulled down his pants and took his erect big dick in her mouth and started sucking. I began to touch my virgin pussy under my skirt as I was so aroused. I felt hot and wet. He grabbed her hair and pushed her against his balls. She licked and pulled his cock in and out of her mouth. Her boobs jiggled as she did this. I put one hand under my shirt and rubbed my boobs. As they started moaning, I too rubbed my virgin clitoris faster and faster and suddenly a big tremor ran over me and I sat on the floor. It took some time to come to my senses and I ran off. This was my first orgasm.

From then on, I would lock myself in my room and touch my virgin vagina lying on bed. I imagined his face pushing my hands away and licking my virgin pussy and then putting his tingue in. In my imagination, he would suck me hard and my back would arch towards him. I inserted my fingers in my virgin clitoris and would bring them in and out again and again and would cum with a rush. I still do this. I now look at myself in the mirror while masturbating. I love my body. I sometimes like to spread my legs and take pictures of my virgin labia. I like to film myself masturbating. Once I also put on a webcam and joined a chat group where I showed my teenage boobs. I realised I am not so shy in front of strangers. Till now I haven’t shown my face but men love it when I love my nipples for them. One time I also masturbated in live chat. It aroused me so much. Cum spilled over on my fingers and the man I was chatting with also showed me his dick which was big and erect. He said he wanted to pierce my vagina. He was very horny.

My teenage boobs are firm and round and I want someone to hold them. Till now I have no boyfriend and I am scared of losing my virginity. I have seen Tommy in action so maybe he will enter me and make me a woman. I am ready. My virgin pussy is ripe for some action and as I am 18 now, and all my friends have lost their virginity, I want a man to enter me and make me a woman.

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Artist: Glasha Belkina