Galinka Nagymellu – Hardcore Defloration

Galinka Nagymellu – Hardcore Defloration


Hi, I’m Galinka and I’m back to lose my virginity her and now with lovely boyfriend! It didn’t really take much to convince him to do it! I think just like any other he dreamed of such a moment deep down in his mind and heart and knowing how much loves me, he could never refuse me in this! I’m really glad that this day has come and I’ll be doing it not with a pornstar or any guy, but with my love and I count as my own pornstar. We both came to this decision of making someone film us and just anyone but the world famous and I couldn’t be more happy about it!

Because this will leave us a video of us having our first real sex, that we can rewatch once we grow older. He first had no idea what the company was, but then I showed him the videos and he relaxed and got excited, even tried his best to get ready for it.. So the day has come and we are here. We started by talking on the bed and then making out. Then he licked me out and sucked him off and he inserted his big cock inside my young tight virgin and untouched by any dick pussy! It hurt at first, but then I got into it and we started to fuck quick and hardcore and we both had an orgasm, and it made smile and hug afterwards! I really want to express all my feelings to this company and the opportunity they gave us and then they invited us to come back and for them to film us having our first anal sex. We smiled and looked at one-another and told them to wait for us! Stay tuned to see us doing it.

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