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Hey there, I’m back today to say goodbye to my virginity with a man of my dreams.. It just feels a bit odd to me, just because they couldn’t find the perfect guy for me, that I wanted and I had to take him, someone with hair longer than mine, but at least his dick wasn’t too big and I was happy about it. I came in today right on time and wasn’t later even a bit, he on the other hand came in 30 minutes too late and I began to be worried, that the person is not punctual, but then it turned out to be a misunderstanding simply. We got introduced to one-another and continued to take showers after which we were told to go to the bathroom and start with a small talk, then I thought to myself that the guy was actually very nice and I was simply imagining and making up things in my head. The only one thing I disliked that he wasn’t acting like a real man, but also was only until he inserted his what I thought was a small dick inside me . When we began kissing and caressing, and then undressing, he undressed me and then himself, this is when I took his cock into my hands and then it went directly into my mouth. I was pleasing him long and pafsionalty, and forgot to notice that it became huge.. First I wasn’t sure if I want to get licked, but then I just gave up and let him do whatever he wanted to and haven’t regretted it till now, it felt truly amazing and unforgettable! After a while he took his already huge cock in his hand an slowly, but surely inserted it deep into my virgin tight pussy and broke my hymen, it wasn’t the most pleasurable feeling of my life, but there was also no point of return and I knew it, so I just went with the process, without regretting it! He was fucking me in two different, but very similar poses and I enjoyed every second of it, although it would be cool to get fucked in some different poses and places for the first time specially! He then came all over my pussy and stomach and I expressed myself how cool it to become a real woman finally and start living my life with all the sexual fantasies now open to try for me! Thanks a lot to the producers and to the actor and defloration.com! For letting me lose my virginity with a professional actor and do my casting and to be naked and be able to touch myself on camera too for the first time ever!