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This is the same day as when I came by with my boyfriend to accompany me to my first live video and photo-shooting, but instead of him supporting me he agreed with the producer to break my hymen with his huge cock and make a defloration as a surprise to me. So that I will belong to him after this only and no one else, cause that’s how I wanted my life to be. The casting was great and funny and not boring at all. I enjoyed every aspect of it. We had lots of fun and then the day came when I finally had to come in to this super important day and say goodbye to my virginity and have some orgasms! We didn’t have to get to introduced to one another and we didn’t speak much as we just continued with the flow and got to making out right away and further on. By one moment we both were naked and I didn’t even notice how it happened so fast! One minute he was kissing my tits and the next thing you know his fingers are on your clit and they are rubbing your clit back and forth and the pussy is getting super wet and your body is slightly shimmering . Then he laid me on my back and began kissing me all the way down till he reached my pussy then looked at me smiling and continued with full passion to lick it! After some time which has felt like an eternity to me, he reached to me and told me to get down on my knees for him. I knew what would happen and I was ready to take it deep inside my throat. What I didn’t know was how big it was, way bigger and wider as it seemed at first. I sucked him off really good and sloppy even held it in my hand afterwards and stroked it while we were standing and making out with him! After a little while, he turned me around with passion and slightly bent me over, but just a tiny bit, because my perfectly shaped ass was really pushing against his huge cock! Then at one point which felt perfect for the both of us, he slid it in, really deep and kept it there for a while and told me not to move as this is how the process goes. I was scared, but I did believe him, and tried to act normal even though it was hurting me a lot at that moment. Then he continued to fuck me in this pose until he felt like I might be interested in some other poses too!! He told me to get down on my knees again and I was ready to take it back into my mouth, but instead he put me in the doggy pose and continued to fuck me. After the doggy pose our least final pose was spooning but with a twist, where he lifted my leg up and this made it so much better and more interesting and I enjoyed it with a huge passion while being drilled by a huge cock of a professional best boyfriend! Then I was riding him hardcore in the reverse cowgirl pose and then even at the end he didn’t take it out and came inside my non virgin pussy, by that time I already reached my second orgasm and probably couldn’t take on a third one. I was glad that I could lose my virginity at such an amazing place with such amazing support from the producer as well as my boyfriend. Big thanks to defloration.com for this life changing opportunity! I hope that everyone has enjoyed watching me losing my virginity or I could say watching my hymen break in front of your eyes!