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Defloration – Sofia


Hi. My name is Sofia. I’m 18 years old. I was born and raised in a small town. Where I lived, there was nothing interesting, people had neither the opportunity to get a good education after school, nor to find a good job. Many of those people I have known since childhood are drinking and degrading now. They have no goals, no dreams. They do not expect anything from life and do not strive for anything. At some point, I was also a step away from becoming like them. When I was 17 years old, I was graduating from high school. I had a boyfriend, we knew each other many years before we started dating. I really liked him, but it so happened that because of the lack of education and, accordingly, work, he got into a bad company. At first I even liked it, he was taking me with him for parties, with him I first tried alcohol and cigarettes. And then, after a while, the same company put him on drugs. He started just like many, at first he just had fun using different drugs . And then it became an integral part of his life. Every time he was taking me to a party, he was using drugs. He began to behave strangely and unhealthy, he often taking something in and was even aggressive with me. Once we were at a party at the house of one of his friends. He again took some bad things and was out of his mind. One guy unfamiliar to me began to molest me, climb into kissing and tried to climb his nasty sweaty hand under my skirt. My boyfriend didn’t do anything and didn’t even try to stand up for me. I realised that night that I wanted another life for myself. I want a better life than the one I saw. I ran away from that party and broke up with my boyfriend. I graduated from high school and decided to leave for the big city. I managed to go to college in the capital, I moved to the capital and began to study. To pay for dormitory and food, I had to find a job. Of course, this money is not enough. So I came to the casting. Despite my history, I have retained my virginity and am proud of it. Now I’m ready to break up with it. I believe that it is better to work as a model, pose and act in erotic videos than live on the bottom. It’s fair earnings. Perhaps in the future I even manage to make a good career.

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