Defloration – Kinga


On the Verge.

Kinga is 18 years old. On our first meeting I took pictures of her in sexy poses, then some nude photos. Unfortunately I could not convince her to go all the way and lose her innocence. Our second meeting was much better. She still did not want to lose her virginity but did allow me to photograph her hymen. I had a plan. She was very innocent and had no experience of a man trying to seduce her. While I was adjusting her body for the pictures of her hymen, I spread her lips and used my finger to touch her hymen. She had no way of knowing the sensations I could give her. I gently moved my finger around and with soft slow strokes, managed to slid my finger past her hymen and into her tight vagina. She was hot and wet! I continued to slid my finger in and out, and she trembled with fear and excitement. I removed my finger and gazed at her aroused sex. She laid flat with her eyes closed and her hips slowly moving with the motions of making love. She was ready for it. I had an irresistible desire to use more than my finger. I quickly removed my trousers and put a little saliva on the head of my throbbing penis. She still had her eyes closed as I got into position and slid the tip of my penis up and down along the entrance of her slit. Her lips swelled and parted slightly and she moaned as I touched her clitoris and then down to
the entrance of her vagina, pressing in until I felt the hymen. The pressure of my penis against her hymen brought her out of her trance and she realized just what I was doing. She unexpectedly became more afraid and begged my to stop. She did not want to lose her virginity just yet. I had to stop. I could not force her. The photos I took are great, but I am in pain.
I made a promise to myself that with our third meeting I will get a defloration on video.