Defloration – Julietta


She is 18 y.o.
This photo session was the most amusing work in my life! I have never had this experience before.
On one side of me was a beautiful naked virgin girl, on the other side of me was HER MOTHER! Her mom wants her daughter be a model, but she fears that she will lose her virginity on her very first modeling job, with me. Of course mom is right to be worried because that was my intention. And Julieta is very naive and I could have talked her into it if she had been alone.
So she did not make a defloration video, but you will see her beautiful body and her untouched virgin membrane!
Fantastic show! Thank you mom!!! During the shooting, I was a little nervous with her mom there.
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It is a fact that models just starting in the business have to sleep with their agents to get the good modeling jobs in fashion. Julieta is pretty naive and is sure to lose her virginity as soon as her agent gets her alone without her mom. But she did give me a certain smile. So just maybe she might come back to me first…without her mom. Enjoy the photos and imagine YOU are her agent.