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Defloration – Andrea


Hi. Im Andrea, and I’m 18 years old.
I’m college student now. I used to do dancing and tennis for several years when I was younger. Where I also got some new fears from guys trying to spy in me in the changing rooms. Or when I bending down while playing and they used to stand and look at my ass all the time. So that made me quit as I got scared that they will once do something with me. But that has nothing to do with my I’m here today. Actually as kid I always hated baby dolls and was really afraid of them. Even when I grew and went to school my classmates found out about this and every time we went to someone’s house party they tricked me in to enter dark rooms and they really scared me with them. Once my best friend and I fall asleep in one of the rooms in the party as we got drunk. And I woke up at the night from something touching my virgin pussy lips . I got really scared but it also felt pleasurable. Once I opened my eyes and saw that it was a baby doll that my best friend was holding on her hand I screamed so loud that the whole house started to laugh as they all planned it together. I was really embarrassed from this and called a cab to go home. I even had to change the schools all the time as, always someone would find out my fears. So all my childhood was really different from all the other kids, this always made me have no friends and I grew up very lonely, but enough about my past, lets look into the future.
But then as grew older I read lots of books and articles about fear, and they said that you should look into your fears and try doing it even if you’re scared to lose the fear.. So that brings me to this day today as I’m sitting here knowing that after my casting I’ll lose my virginity by inserting a babydoll inside my virgin pussy. I’m really looking forward it even though it might be strange for some people. I’m starting to find it amusing, and definitely something to remember as grow older. Perhaps I will even share this secret with my future husband and my kids.

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