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Hi. Today I’m losing my virginity and it is very exciting! I came here because I knew that I won’t be able to do it with someone that I’m dating. The reason is, because every time I get a boyfriend and our relationship escalates to a level of where we are in bed or cuddling on the sofa and I tell him that I’m completely ready.. We get naked start making out and caressing each other and the last moment I just back out and say that I can’t do this. This follows up by a breakup immediately! So my only option was to come here and ask the producer if I could lose my virginity here . Also another reason is that all my friends aren’t virgins anymore and I’m the only one left. They are also making jokes at me and laughing too. So in order to get rid of all this I’m here today. I’m also very afraid of the first time as I did lots of reading and everywhere it says that it will hurt a lot. But making it here, reassures me that a professional will do it smoothly and will also make me orgasm and that will overtake my fears. I also know that I have a great body and I love how I look and I know that the actor will love looking at me and touching me and for sure play with my big tits. So.. It is finally that day, I’m in the studio and I’m meeting the actor, we went into the bedroom, on a soft bed. We had a little talk, and honestly he didn’t seem to be too confident… then he took my short off while kissing me. And began playing with tits! He was kissing them, he was squeezing them and grabbing them with one hand.. Well, I guess guys love tits! He then began touching my thighs and kissing my legs, took off my socks and kissing my legs, while they were pushing his body. That felt incredible! Then took off my panties and checked my tight pussy, to see my hymen after which he began licking my hymen and my sucking on my clit and it felt incredible, I really enjoyed what he was doing. Suddenly he stops, pulls his cock out and tells me to grab it with my hand and start sucking it. I showed him what I’m capable off and how deep I take in it, and guess loved it. He probably guess that I’m too good for my first time sucking a cock. I just don’t have a gag reflex and it makes life so much easier, just like in this situation. Next, he spread my legs and started rubbing his big, fat cock against my wet tight virgin pussy. Then he pushed it in and it really hurt me a lot! I didn’t like it at all, we the same effort I could of done it with my boyfriend. And this wasn’t even the worst feeling yet. He didn’t stop, he was fucking me more and more and then he came. That was it, I didn’t get a chance to cum at all.. That is very weird for me. But I guess some guys are like this, they don’t care much of girls the have sex with. I mean it wasn’t all bed, I still enjoyed the part where he was fucking me, but he could off held himself from cumming too fast and let me cum first. Like they do in my favourite country, France.