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Daisy Datson – Hardcore Defloration



Daisy Datson – Hardcore Defloration


Hi, my name is Daisy Datson. I’m a beginner level model from Hungary. I never posed naked before. But my best friends knew that I’m still a virgin and found me this amazing website called Defloration where I can earn money. They promised me that if I can prove my virginity and show my hymen, they will pay me well for this. First I didn’t want to believe it, but the moment I received my invitation, I became very content and excited. My photo-shooting went very good and easy, the photographer was very professional and gallant. Shooting and casting went very easy. But once before the shooting the producer spread my pussy lips I became really excited. He noticed that and smiled. He saw that my pussy became wet and it was hard for him to hold them spread 🙂

He then caressed me by my stomach and said: Yes! You proved that you’re a real virgin! Then we both smiled. I dreamed about him continuing his absorption of my body!!! But then it all ended 🙂

Once I already had such and experience before and even got my orgasm then. I used to have back problems and used to go to a masseur. The first two massages were somewhat usual as always. It wasn’t my first time for a massage as I used to go before too. The masseur was caressing my body with his strong manly hands and telling that my muscles should get warm and relax. I really enjoyed those manly hands on my body. Then he told me that he has and electro vibrator that makes the muscles release the spasms. He turned it on and began by moving it on my arms at first. My muscles were really vibrating hard. Then he started to move it on my thighs. But when this electro vibrator reached my pussy, the vibrations got onto my clit. Oh my god!! I could see it in his eyes that he was doing it on purpose. But I couldn’t say this to an adult man. But what if I’m wrong! My body started to become sore.. My head got a drunken feeling.. He asked me then: Is everything alright? I said: Yes. But my voice was hoarse.. I felt that I’m becoming too wet between my pussy lips and that he will see it through my panties. Also I was sure that my cheeks were red as a tomato. At this exact moment he moved his vibrator down to my lower stomach and began to move from left to right. My clit has begun to vibrate!!! It felt like I was out of this world! Oh my god! It was an incredible orgasm! My white panties were absolutely wet and my whole body was shaking hard. It was my last time when I visited this masseur. I told my mom that everything was fine..

This moment I will remember my entire life.

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Artist: Daisy Datson