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Hello again and welcome to my story of how hard to was actually to convince me to come here today. So as I was saying I’m here to do my virgin casting and to lose my virginity. The casting went very well. But then my boyfriend found out about it and I got in lots of trouble, since me and him really had lots of things for the first time together he wanted to take my virginity as well. I was assuming that, but didn’t really consider it as an option, because I always wanted to do it with a professional, who has gotten a lot of experience in such situations, and could really prevent all the pain from breaking me hymen . I finally figured everything out and I had to tell him how scared I am to do it and that after this we can live our lives farther and have so much sex as he wishes too in an existing pose and we can even film it. This idea he loved very much and agreed! I came in the second time here and chose the best pornstar they had and he is the best one in the world and was super happy that I got him! He was very kind to me and asking many questions and I felt like opening up to him without any doubt and just going with the flow. I ant express enough all my feelings and emotions about this day here. So just watch the video and enjoy it!