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Before that, I was a very closed-off child, very antisocial and enjoyed being alone. After some time, my grandparents got divorced because of what he was trying to do with me. Right away the next evening, my parents came over to her house and took me home. Before all of that, he was in prison at least seven times, for reasons I don’t know. This has proved why he was getting at me that night and tried to rape me.

Ever since my childhood, I’ve also noticed that I like women, and around them I get very horny and excited. But then again, I was very afraid to make the first move. Sadly, there was another girl there who looked almost exactly like me and was acting like me. She approached him, and they ended up together. This is another story of my life after which I completely decided not to have any reliance on men. And never fall in love ever again with any man.

When I was just entering the first grade, I was a very modest girl, a very quiet one, and this had a huge impact on my life. There was a girl who was, in the beginning, my friend, because she was also very modest and, in many ways, like me. But she turned me into a person who wanted to commit suicide, and not only her but also the homeroom teacher. Whenever I had classes with him, I actually felt like committing suicide until I got further grades. Hopefully, today on the cast, everything that bothers me will eventually be gone, and I can start feeling more opened up and more happy about life. Also, I really want to experience something new in life, and I know for a fact, this interview will do that for me!

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