Angelina Dalye – Hardcore Defloration

Angelina Dalye – Hardcore Defloration


I’m 18 years old and still innocent 🙂 Yes! Not a single guy has slid his dick inside of virgin pussy. Mom has taught me how to act with guys, when they want to get inside of my panties. Which they want to do all the time! I like it, but I already started to push them all away from me. They’re like flies in this situation.. I’m a very content girl and careful, yet very diffident. I had a moment in my life, when I could lose my virginity, but it didn’t happen . I have an older sister. She’s the key to my first masturbation. When I was 14, I often slept with her in one bed. Once I woke up to the bed shaking during the night. I have opened my eyes and saw my sisters hand moving fast in her panties. My sister was laying with her eyes closed and slowly and quietly moaning. I froze for a moment and was watching her with passion. By then I have already heard about masturbation, but had no idea how it happens. Then she took of her panties and went to the shower. It was all very exciting. After this I tried to do myself and I really loved it 🙂 After a few days my pussy was red after using it too much 🙂 What was interesting, is that every night I was pretending that I’m asleep and was peeking how my sister masturbates and that made me very happy. At those moments I secretly had my hand in my panties too and was secretly masturbating at the same time. I saw, how her butt cheeks were squeezing all the time and it was making me very horny. Sometimes we were having orgasms simultaneously. She was always leaving to the shower, meanwhile my fingers continued to rub on my slippery pussy.

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Artist: Angelina Dalye