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Amelia Braiton – Losing of Virginity


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Hello everyone! My name is Amelia Braiton. Yes, I’m 18 and still a virgin!
About 3 days ago, my classmates and I were celebrating the 18th birthday of my girlfriend and me. We had gone out on the town, had some drinks and shared some stories and we camping by a lake. The guys we went with were real men, specially one of them who had a Tom Ford perfume on his amazing clothes and hot body.. We drank really much, we were around ten people and we al went with cars to bring as much alcohol and weed as we could.. We smoked, we talked and drank, guys were scaring us with some dangerous stories about this place. Then we went swimming in the moonlight, we all got naked or at least the most of us. Then one guy has disappeared and it was him whom I liked the most. I started to panic and got really scared for him. Then at once he grabbed by my leg and pulled me down underwater. I was never so pissed and scared in y entire life, while others were laughing I was crying and ran out of the water and went to my shelter fast. It was also getting cold on us at night and I didn’t want to get sick, as I was trying to dry myself up, this guy Tom showed up from behind and scared me again. But this time all could feel is his balls and huge cock pushing against my back and I got relaxed and felt safe for some reason. He tried to apologise, but he didn’t have to really, as I got his cock in so fast in mouth that he didn’t even got to say anything, I sucked him and he was masturbating my virgin tight pussy until we both came, but he did it in my mouth and it my almost gag. Although over all I think I did really good job on him. I told him to go back to his shelter and leave me alone here to sleep with my bestie Anita and once she came I was telling her this story of what happened, then I turn over and see her almost orgasming from it, I got pissed at her and pulled her hand away from her already not virgin but tight and bit hairy pussy. She yelled at me as she was about to cum and then I said, you’ll cum from my tongue and fingers for not listening the right way to me. I had an amazing time at this lake and I will never forget it. Then from all those days we spent there, on the last day I had my first lesbian orgasm with Anita and thanks god she’s moving in with me to university dormitory where we will share a room together! Later after applied to Defloration and did my first shooting and then lost my virginity here as well. Which was truly amazing and very professional. I enjoyed every second of the shooting and the preparation for it, as I never got such friendly and caring and supportive team around me and just for me.

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