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Hi! I am Alice from Hungary. I am in love with Tommy! His greatest fan! I have probably seen all his movies and videos and my greatest dream is to meet him in person. When my application was accepted by defloration, I was so thrilled… this is the first step towards my aim which is to be deflowered by him.
My father is a stock broker who works in a big firm and my mom’s busy with her friends most of the time. I had a nanny at home to look after me till I was about twelve and then I was big enough to be by myself . This was also the time I discovered sex through videos. I also realised everyone has another side. Our home computer is in father’s room. No one uses this because we all have our own laptops but that day, about three years ago, I was reading in his room and had to look up something. Both my parents were out as usual and I casually skimmed through google and then accidently clicked on a past history item. It was a pornographic site. I couldn’t imagine my father would watch such videos but I soon forgot about this because I was so fascinated.
There were three men playing with one girl and this made me so tingly and erotic. My body felt weird. My teenage nipples stood erect, my virgin pussy became wet… I couldn’t resist but watched on an don. Slowly I put my hand inside my panties and touched my already wet pussy. As I watched and touched myself, my back arched. My fingers rubbed the lips of my virgin clit for the first time, exploring it, and suddenly I had a big orgasm. I did not know what happened but just that it felt earth shattering. I was alert again and quickly deleted it from recent history, cleaned the room and went off to my own room. I was in a daze.
I have a gang of friends and we were mostly tomboys but I brought up the topic of sex the next day. It seemed that everyone knew more than me. I pretended as if I knew a lot too. In fact, I had a boyfriend who wanted sex but I was too scared to go ahead and since that time my reputation spread as a ‘prude’. I wanted to look trendy and ‘in’ yet at the same time, did not want to go in and lose my virginity with just anyone. I was scared, mainly because I did not know anything. I decided to educate myself.
For this, I had to know my body and what is the best way to learn than by exploring. I saw videos (this time onward on my own laptop! ), looked at myself in the mirror, learnt about my erotic zones, the parts of me that was extra sensitive… a friend of mine spoke to me about and I became a member. I was enthralled by Tommy. His cock made my eyes round. I imagine myself sucking it. I could see the way he gently plays with the nipples of a girl and I could feel my tits too being touched by him. I touch myself looking at him and cum again and again. I finally thought of a plan. He was the man I would get deflowered by.
I had a boyfriend earlier as I already told and did not want to have sex with him…this was partly because I was scared and frankly he did not excite me at all. I now know that if I have a boyfriend later I want to be experienced for him. I wanted to give him excitement and thrill and this time I will be prepared. Tommy is my plan. He will teach me to be a woman. I wanted nothing more than to be deflowered by him. There are many things that I know now about myself but I still yearn for a real man to touch me, break my hymen and make me a woman.
Most of my friends have already lost their virginity and now that they know that I am still one, they simply can’t resist teasing me. What I don’t tell them is how much more I now know about my own body and pleasures than they perhaps. I imagine Tommy as I run my fingers down my body, teasing my nipples, rubbling the lips of my virgin vagina and coming with a rush. There are many tricks that I too have learnt and there are so many that I know I have still to learn. called me for the solo video and I went prepared to tell them about my desire to be deflowered by Tommy. Now I know my secret dreams will come true and I will soon be in front of my ideal man, all his to take!