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Hey there! It’s me again! So as you can see, I have completely changed my decision and I did come to the casting on once again. But…today it will be absolutele different kind of casting. Today I’m gonna say goodbye to my virginity without any fears and with no regret. I can confidently say that this idea to part with my virginity at the casting visited me before. But after the sexual arousal I experienced on the plane and after a wonderful first casting in a comfortable environment, this idea became a true determination. I am sure of my decision and, I must say, I did not regret it completely. It was not just romantic, but also a little symbolic for me . The fact is that when my future casting partner entered the room, I did not believe my eyes! I thought it can only happen in romantic movies. So, a young tall man with ivory skin, with blonde hair and bright blue eyes entered the room. Of course, it wasn’t the same man I met on the plane on the way to my first casting. But he and my future partner, with whom I will first have sex, were incredibly similar! I could not even think that in our world two people who are so similar in appearance can live at the same time! So, as you can guess, from the very first moment I was fascinated by my partner. I believe that it is very important for a girl to have genuine sympathy for her first sexual partner. In addition to sympathy for him, I even had confidence in him. He was very careful and gentle, during the prelude he made it clear to me that I had nothing to fear and that he knew how to give me pleasure. I must say, these were not just words, he really made my first sex an unforgettable event in my life. For the first time in my life, I experienced a real orgasm even before his dick was inside me. I must admit, this is a really cool skill, to give the girl genuine real satisfaction using only his tongue. Despite the slightly painful sensations when his dick first entered me, all these unpleasant sensations disappeared very soon. I was finally able to understand why people have sex and why they love it very much. I can confidently say that nowhere else I could get such kind of pleasure and such a high-quality first sex. I think coming to the casting today again was a very right decision, which I will never regret and will always remember with a slight joyful smile.

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