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Hello! My name is Alexa Glukoza. The place I come from, Szeged city in Hungary, is famous for its paprika and I am exactly like that – Hot! I do my own thing, whatever I want, a rebel some say…but I am honest, a true friend if you need me and most of all, passionate. I am a virgin because I seriously have not come across that one man who I can trust enough to deflower me. Well, I am kind of blunt though you must have guessed that already.
I love the concept of I mean it is our life isn’t it? I would definitely make my first time most memorable. This way, I get to choose the time, the person and I feel I am in charge. I have been through all the videos… all! I do a part time job at the florist and my boss actually had it open on his office computer. He’s not there in the evenings when I work and just comes to close down. I use this time to my advantage. I love the way the producer handles the shoot, making the girls be at ease in the solo videos. Tommy rocks! He is strong, a big man and boy, do I love to see his cock…man, that thing is huge!!! He is gentle too, at the right moment, and in the end it is a memorable event a girl will treasure.
You see I love my body. I always have. I started touching myself when I was 13. I was in the shower, rubbing myself down. My breasts were just developing and as I soaped my body, running my fingers over them, they tingled, making shivers run down. I couldn’t stop myself from sitting down and touching myself. The soap and the water make everything slippery and sensuous. It was a fantastic time. I was so excited by this new feeling…it was as if there were goosebumps all over my body. I slowly discovered myself on my own. I used to lay on the floor of my room those days absolutely without a thread on and run my fingers down my stomach and then explore my virgin pussy. My fingers would make me feel so good and I was extremely happy with just that. I think I was about 16 when I actually had an orgasm. And omg! I still remember that sensation when I lost all my senses. I had never experienced something like that ever before. Wow!!
It is to celebrate my boy that I use tattoos…my body and my life. Each tattoo has a story behind it and I remember doing each one very clearly…the place, the feeling. I also got hooked on to piercings (forgive the pun haha!!)! I find them very erotic. I have a piercing on my pussy too and am looking forward to surprise the men (yes, in the plural and many I hope) that I will have sex with in my life. That little thing on my pussy is probably the most erotic thing I have experienced. My nipple piercings are also part of my rebel streak and part erotic. This was among the earliest of my piercings. I love the way it feels.
Last week, I was sitting in the office of my boss, watching Tommy with a virgin, and I imagined myself to be her. I removed my clothes and it was so exciting, knowing that anyone might walk in any time through the doors. I pressed my boobs perhaps a bit rougher than Tommy would, imagined his huge cock in my mouth and then rubbed my virgin pussy. My piercing makes it so much more erotic, contrary to what most people think. I was moaning in no time and almost slided off the chair when I came. It was sensational!
My ex-boyfriend, Daniel, was a wimp who thought he was the best. I seriously don’t know what I saw in him. He used to be so super bossy and always, always telling me how to do things. If you heard him, you would think I wouldn’t even know how to cross a road! Seriously, man, get a brain! I think he hated my tattoos but he didn’t know about my secret piercings…bad for him!
Haha!! My mom’s cool about my tattoos but even she doesn’t know about my nipple and pussy piercings. That’s my secret and now even you guys know about it. I also model for local designers and love the feel. I am truly a good model and know how to shake the runway! There one more secret that I feel I must share with you – I dancein the nude. To be honest I do it in my room with the door locked and the lights off but keep my windows open. I enjoy the erotic rush I get when I feel someone might see me from outside. I dance to all kinds of music and when I see myself in the mirror, I sometimes come while dancing.
The solo video at was a great experience for me. I filled all their requirements: I was 18 and a virgin. I just wish I can work with them on more shoots. I felt sensational. Thank you very much!