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Adelyn Abbe – Hardcore Defloration



Adelyn Abbe – Hardcore Defloration


Hello. I am Adelyn from Ukraine. I am 18 years old and a virgin as I have shown in the video. I thank the producer of who gave me the chance to earn money for the photo shoot
as I am very eager to get into modelling for erotic videos. This is a good start for me.
I have an elder sister at home and my parents work hard in a farm for their living. We do not have our own land and my parents work in the fields of a rich man . But we had never felt the lack of money. Both my sister and I help at home and also at the field. My family are orthodox Christians and we sisters were brought up very strictly. My sister used to have a lot of fun though on the sly.

My sister, Katrina, has had a number of boyfriends. She was always very outgoing. I followed her a number of times when she went out on her secret dates. She would usually go to small shed in a nearby farm where they would make out. The first time I followed her was some years ago. I had not much idea about sex then and stood outside the barn peeking in through a hole. She pulled down his pants, grabbed his ass and pulled him toward her. As he turned I could see the biggest dick ever pointing straight and my legs almost turned into jelly. I was scared of getting caught but couldn’t stop looking. She put his cock into her mouth and started sucking it hard. She pulled it in and out, in and out and then would stop but he wouldn’t let her. Suddenly he shuddered and white cum spurted out which she licked.

I had no idea what was happening to me. I was so excited. Another time I followed her, the boy pulled her shirt off and threw her on the hay. He removed her pants and his pants and started rubbing her all over with his penis and it grew bigger and bigger. He started licking her body and sucking her teenage tits and I couldn’t even blink my eyes. My hands automatically went to my virgin pussy and I started rubbing it. I got so excited I quickly removed my panties and sat on the stone outside the barn. There were fields all around but no one ever came near that corner and anyway I was too excited to care. I touched the lips of my virgin labia and started flicking the fingers over them and there was a spot just inside that I touched accidentally. O sweet heavens! The pleasure I got. I imagined that guy inside that barn doing all those things to me that he was doing to my sister. I imagined him entering my virgin pussy with his tongue and his cock standing up erect and rubbing against me.

I was so engrossed that I did not hear my sister or the boy come out. They saw me sitting there with my legs spread apart and my sister looked very angry but I could also see the look on the boy’s face. He was starting at my virgin pussy till my sister pulled him away. At home that night my sister beat me and told a number of stories about me to our parents but she knew she could not say much as she herself would get into trouble.

Now I have a boyfriend and my sister is married. I love him a lot and we go out quite a bit. He tries to touch me and we kiss but we haven’t had sex as yet. He touches my teenage boobs under my sweater when we are sitting somewhere and earlier I pretended not to notice as his hand came in but now I feel I am trying hard to control myself. It’s just that he is too young. I want a slightly mature person to penetrate me for the first time. I know I may sound stupid but I would love to do it in front of the camera. My boyfriend once put my hand on his dick on top of his trousers. It was strong and hard. I know he is right but we both are a bit shy in taking that next step. Thanks to this shoot today, I am feeling so excited. I just wish the producer would cast me in a video with someone who can take my virginity and make me a woman. I will then feel confident with my boyfriend. I know it will pain a lot when the penis will enter and break my hymen but it is necessary and I wish it to happen soon.

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Artist: Adelyn Abbe