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Dear Diary – This morning I had my secret meeting with Rubi but 2 hours before she came, I decided to change tactics. I told Laiza that I wanted to fuck Rubi again. After the bad experience with Angel a month ago (remember that Angel told Laiza that we met in secret without warning her – with all the drama as a result).

She appreciated my honesty and brought me Rubi + Joyce. Joyce is a perfect super tiny milf that I wanted to fuck right away together with Rubi. But Joyce preferred to be alone with me since she was too shy and to do it tomorrow before going to work (she is a saleslady). So we agreed that she would come at 8am. I can’t wait to fuck this one!

So when Laiza and Joyce left, I fucked Rubi like I was possessed!! I even didn’t have the time to take her clothes off! I needed to fuck this little slut! ..and for you guys: I did a nice facial! I can’t wait to fuck Joyce tomorrow morning!

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