Rose, Ann’s Best Friend


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Dear Diary – Ann came over with her best friend, Rose. I liked her immediately. A 19yo innocent-looking sweet girl. There was 1 problem: she was on her menstruation. I hate that.. why do they come then? Ann probably just wanted to wash her hair and needed to bring somebody to make me interested in meeting her (she is right!).

While Ann was taking her shower, Rose gave me a nice BJ and I could see a little of her boobs. I asked her to come back tomorrow but as you know, that will not happen. I am just going to make this a priority to Ann: if she wants to see me again, she will need to bring me Rose again. I definitely need to fuck this little angel!

They went home and I decided to read some books. I will soon start putting some book reviews in my diary, especially for you guys. Don’t worry, no intellectual stuff. Just books about mongering, sex, girls, etc… I’ll explain later.

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