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Dear Diary – Laiza came over today with Erika and a stunner: Potchie! She’s Rubi’s cousin and I loved her from the very start. Erika just came over to say hello and even if I was happy to see her again, all my attention went straight to Potchies’ boobs. I had to wait until Laiza and Erika left before I could play with them but it didn’t get disappointed once I did. These were the best boobs yet, since Elsa’s. Beautiful big boobs with large Asian Puffies for nipples. Man, this was a fiesta!

She started off with a nice BJ that gave the most tantalizing view )and feeling) of her Asian Puffies caressing my thighs as she sucked me real well. All of this was immediately followed by me sucking her pussy like crazy and I then hurried even more to stuff my dick inside her, I felt like I was fucking heaven! That’s why I came so fast… the other positions will be for the next time I see her. I told her I want her to be my GF but she knows that Laiza is mine already. So I told her: ‘I’ll leave her for you…’ I just hope she’s not going to tell Laiza or her sister… or I’m dead!

She gave me her number then left. I wonder if I can resist…

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