Honeybabes & Fort San Pedro

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Dear Diary – I went sightseeing again today and this time I visited Fort San Pedro, which is some kind of a castle build by the Spanish in the 18th century. It looked really cool and somehow romantic to me.

After 20 minutes of walking around there, I saw two girls taking pictures of themselves with their cellphones. I improvised and proposed to help them. That’s how we got to talking and eventually walking around together. Their names were Honeybabes and Mitch. One is a little chubby while the other one is Skinny.

It seemed to me that they were there to talk about some kind of a problem they were having. I think they had a fight about something and wanted to talk it over. We had mostly talked about Cebu and of course, boom boom… which was a word they didn’t know. Of course, this is Cebu and they use other words for it here. But anyways, that made them laugh and the energy was good from that little ice breaker! So I took it all to the next level and invited them to make some pics at my hotel room. Honeybabes agreed but Mitch had no time to do it today. She said that she could make it tomorrow. I hope so!

We took taxi towards to hotel and the girls started to sing, which I thought was quite cute. We dropped Mitch off at Robinsons to head to my room afterwards. Honeybabes was a little nervous but once we started to take pictures, it went on much more smoothly. She has nice body, nice boobs and is a good girl. I experienced great pleasure fucking this little Cebu-princess. So, Honeybabes is now done! Tomorrow, it’s Mitch! I love Cebu…

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