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Dear Diary – I went on my date today with the girls and they were right time. They wore the same clothes and that always seems to somehow make me horny. So the night started well. We went to eat some Chinese food and I must say that the girls were really funny. The skinny one was my favorite for sure but her friend made me horny as well. After dinner, we went to my hotel to make some pictures.

Once there, they went totally crazy! Dancing, showing their bodies and even kissing each other. My dick was asking for action and I even didn’t have to ask for it. Suddenly, Shane grabbed my dick out of the blue and they both started to give me a BJ. This was quite close to heaven, I must say. These girls are a perfect match with one being skinny and the one chubby. One with small boobs and one with big ones. One with a little ass and the other with a good fat one. I enjoyed fucking them both!

I decided to give my famous sperm to Shane… it’s a matter of natural selection, I think 🙂

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