Daisy: Beautiful!


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Dear Diary,

After Mariz’s short time visit last week, I continued texting her and asking to see her twin sister again (much cuter than Mariz). However, her sister didn’t want to come for some mysterious reason. She probably has a new bf… but Mariz came up with something else: her cousin Daisy! She texted me last night that Daisy is the sexiest girl from Angeles City and that she worked on a webcam site before. That made me very curious.

She kept her promise and brought me this marvelous girl named Daisy. See for yourself guys: This girl loves to show off her sexy body and most importantly, she LOVES to fuck! She is the perfect following up for Laiza who’s still angry at me because of my secret fuck with Angel last week. Time to move on! I am getting into the idea of making Daisy my new GF. If I remember my official GF line up correct;y there’s Anabel, Felicity, Laika, Laiza and then now Daisy. That would be perfect!

I fucked her like I was possessed and came so fast! This creampie made me proud! What a trophy! Anyways, I asked her to meet with me again and she promised me that she would come tomorrow or the next day. That means probably Thursday or Friday 😉 Thanks Mariz! Your sister can stay home from now on!

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